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| Juillet 2010
• Jeudi 1er Juillet à 20h30.

Histoire(s) de voir présente :
Les Ciné-Rencontres aux Voûtes.
Remix audiovisuel en direct d'Elizabeth Tesla & Wayne Frost - 50 minutes.
Projection suivie d'une rencontre.
En 2007 la vidéaste Elizabeth Tesla et le musicien électro Wayne Frost voyagent en ex-Yougoslavie et le documentent par leur film I came to find you. Retraçant un retour aux sources au rythme des musiques qui accompagnent la reconstruction des villes et des existences dévastées par la guerre. En 2009 ils créent The Other Side, un remix de leur documentaire en temps réel sur trois écrans. A la frontière du concert, du documentaire de création et de la performance, The Other Side est une œuvre multimédia qui explore les nouvelles formes de langages visuels et scéniques. 
Projet soutenu par le Pôle Image Haute Normandie et le CNC (DICRéAM).
R.E.N.S.E.I.G.N.E.M.E.N.T.S : Tarif unique : 5 euros - www.histoiresdevoir.org - histoiresdevoir@no-log.org

• Jeudi 8 juillet 2010 à 21h00.

Un concert  ali_fib
psych-noir / family portrait / mass hedonism

Rick Tomlinson aka Voice of the Seven Woods (UK) - live set
Pigeons (US) -
live set
KC Bull -
projections en première française
'No Deposit, No Return Blues'
(2004/2009, 55 min)
Documentaire consacré au légendaire joueur de oud américain Sandy Bull
(2001, 10 min)
Portrait de la harpiste Daphne Hellman, mère de Sandy Bull

RICK TOMLINSON (Tchantinler Rec, Holy Mountain, Twisted Nerve...) aka Voice of the Seven Woods (UK) - live set
London-based guitar player Rick Tomlinson released his critically-acclaimed second full length album under the name 'Voice of the Seven Thunders' in 2010 on Tchantinler / Holy Mountain Records. Tomlinson's records are typically difficult to classify and have so far covered plenty of ground - from fractured acoustic songs and electronic drone experiments to wavy Eastern fuzzed-up electric freakouts and krautrock-inspired jams.
This is one of only a handful of solo appearances this year and follows recent UK dates with Hope Sandoval.
"Guitarist Rick Tomlinson is one of those rare individuals able to synthesize the influences of a diverse record collection into something far greater than its disparate parts. As his alter ego Voice of the Seven Woods, he's released a stream of 7"s and CD-Rs (the 'R' stands for rare) that have given psychedelic folk fans a reason to live in the present again. Truly, a man of Tomlinson's pedigree deserves wider recognition. It's practically impossible to track down most of his transmissions and that's a shame, since Tomlinson is one of the few psych stars with the talent and melodicism to attract a crossover audience. (...) The exquisite guitar work and Middle Eastern sensibilities (extended ragas, bongos and fuzzed-out guitar tones) places Tomlinson clearly in the camp of Jack Rose and Sir Richard Bishop, but he's more akin to Sandy Bull or hyphen-folk pioneers Pentangle. Like Bull, Tomlinson manages to find ways to extend his fretwork into mesmerizing tones atop quiet undercurrents of simple percussion, his pieces evolving slowly into mass hedonism. And unlike most of his contemporaries,Tomlinson works equal parts Krautrock, Turkish psych and British hard-folk into his pieces. "  (Dusted Magazine)

PIGEONS (US - Olde English Spelling Bee, Black Dirt, Soft Abuse...) - live set
Pigeons are Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin. Frequently collaborating with guitarist Carter Thornton, they make sublimely blasted / incredibly hallucinogenic songs from their base up in Bronx, NY. Pigeons have been active for a few years, releasing miniature-run cassettes and lathe cuts for Griffin's sub-underground Moran Tape Label that dealt in skronk, warp & mystery. Their wayward song-based creations are just as ambitious, melding dissonance, crude electronics & chanson pop . The pop element in their tunes, fully introduced on their brilliant Virgin Spectacle LP on Black Dirt, firmly rests as the oddest element in the mix. Connections to the No Neck / Sublime Frequencies & The Sea Donkeys exist, but Pigeons are wholly on their own plane. Pigeons have a brand new album, "Si Faustine", on Olde English Spelling Bee.
"'Virgin Spectacle' is a nice album, dreamy haunted little avant-music-box songs sung in French by a lady... the sound of new wave chansons performed by a band that only exists in the reflection of a puddle of water on cobblestone streets...although for all this dream-fragility they are also a guitar band, and a rather noisy one at that" (Blogstitude)
"There are certain sounds synonymous with the Summer of Love, but what about the winter that followed? Bronx trio Pigeons have a decent guess in mind. Their account of classic psychedelia is a much colder affair than most, stringing together a bizarrely addictive mix of paranoia, mystery, and seduction (...). Singer Wednesday Knudsen positions herself amongst the debris as a writhing chanteuse, evoking Trish Keenan from Broadcast if she had been coached by David Lynch." (The Decibel Tolls)
"Beautiful dream-dementia pop" (Time-Lag)
"A beautiful collection of melancholy cosmic pop songs in an electro-affected Francais style; not unlike the spacier moments of the whole Brigitte Fontaine/Areski-axis, but also with nods to VU and DIY synth pop" (Cosmic Jams)

KC BULL - projections en première française
'No Deposit, No Return Blues' (2004/2009, 55 min, vidéo)
Documentaire consacré au légendaire joueur de oud américain Sandy Bull
'Oma' (2001, 10 min, 16mm - projeté sur DVD)
Portrait de la harpiste Daphne Hellman, mère de Sandy Bull et grand-mère de KC Bull
No Deposit No Return Blues is a documentary K.C. Bull made about her father, psychedelic rock legend Sandy Bull. He played the role of the outsider, writing meditations on his instrument and bringing classical music to the cosmic happening. He was many things, but the way the film remembers him is through his instrument and how it connected him to the outside world. In the early sixties, before such six-string heroes as Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke and Richard Thompson impressed with their ability to hop among and fuse musical genres, Sandy Bull glided from classical and jazz to ethnic music and rock & roll with grace and verve. Incorporating elements of folk, jazz, Indian and Arabic-influenced dronish modes, Bull’s ethereal, psychedelic folk-rock recordings– which looked beyond American roots music for its inspiration–and performances, made him a cult-hero to a generation of musicians and adventurous audiences. In 2001 Bull died of lung cancer, but not before his daughter began to fashion a personal portrait of a gifted musician and moving ode to a father and daughter relationship. The film is KC Bull’s understated way of saying, “Have you heard of my dad? No? Oh, you should.” I agree, you should.

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